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A. Company Profile

Star Master International Limited (“Star Master”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1996. Our core business is in the sales representation of injection molding machines of the renowned Japan Steel Work (JSW) and peripheral equipment of other brands. Our business covers Hong Kong, the southern and eastern China. With years of effort, our company has become a well-known supplier of injection molding machines in the Mainland China and the Far East region.
On top of the sale of products, Star Master places the emphasis on quality after-sales service as well as repair and maintenance. Star Master, in collaboration with Winco, a golden partner excelling in the technology of repair and maintenance, enhances and optimizes the servicing providing quick, effective and efficient services to the clients.
With the extensive experience in the sale of Japanese products and after-sale maintenance service, Star Master has partnered Winco to venture into the field of energy saving equipment in injection molding industry since 2009 to promote the business and support the global call to save energy and go green.

B. Company Policy

Having served nearly 500 clients and sold some 3,000 sets of machines in its 14 years of operation, Star Master has gained growing recognition from its customers. Apart from continuing the supply of state-of-the-art and value-for-money machinery in the future, we launch to propose customized projects to help our clients maximize the economic viability while promoting our different energy saving products (e.g. energy saving servo-motor, energy saving lamps like low frequency induction lamp / LED light / T5 Tube in Tube. In addition to the benefit of energy efficiency, our approach is also in line with the environment protection policy promoted in the Mainland China.

C. Scope of Business

(1) Injection Molding Machine
(2) Take Out Robot
(3) Peripheral Equipment
Centralized Supply System, Dust-Proof Spraying Room, Dehumidifying Hopper Dryer, Granulator, Mold Temperature Controller, etc
--KOSMEK Quick Mold Change Systems
(4) LED TV Light Guide Molding Peripheral Equipment
--One-sided mirror finishing in-line Machine
--NC Compound Machine (4-sided mirror finishing in-line Machine)
--Automatic Gate Cutter
--Automatic Clean Machine
(5) Energy Saving Equipment
--Energy Saving Servo Motor
--Energy Saving Lamps (Low Frequency Induction Lamp / LED Lamp / T5 Tube in Tube)
-- Environmental Friendly Refrigerant (iSPOINT Hydrocarbon Refrigerant)
(6) Concrete Performance Enhancer